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Course: Computed Tomography

Module: CT01 CT X-Ray Principles

Module Description:
Audience: All medical professionals interested in learning about CT.
Prerequisites: None
This audio-visual/webcast presentation tutorial provided by Philips Medical Systems Clinical Education Department provides an overview of the principles of X-Ray and CT including the basic principles of X-Ray production, X-Ray tubes, basic X-Ray circuitry, radiation interaction with matter and operator selectable parameters. This presentation is given by Bill Faulkner, B.S., R.T.,(R)(MR)(CT).

Learning Objectives
1. Review radiation physics and x-ray production.
2. Recall radiation units and quantities terms and conversions.
3. Review radiation interactions with matter.
4. Discuss dose equivalent limits and related terminology.
5. Review radiation protection concepts.

Author: Philips Clinical Education
About the author: Philips Medical Systems Clinical Education Department provides customized training for users of Philips Medical equipment.