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Continuing education for the cardiovascular technologist online  

Specialized Invasive
and Non-invasive Cardiology and Vascular Courses

The Philips Learning Center provides you with continuing education for today's cardiovascular technologists, offering a broad array of courses in vascular technology, invasive and non-invasive cardiology, and cardiovascular electrophysiology (EP).

Satisfy your continuing education requirements or expand your career with these basic to advanced online continuing education courses.

Discover how this easy-to-use, cost effective resource can assist you in meeting your continuing education requirements. Studying at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or office, allows you to complete your continuing education requirements, as your time permits.

All of our cardiovascular courses are approved by the ASRT and meet the Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) criteria for awarding continuing education credits.

As a specialized vascular, cardiac or EP technologist, in the fields of invasive and non-invasive cardiology, cardiovascular electrophysiology, and interventional radiology, you must constantly stay abreast of a rapidly evolving industry. To facilitate your progress in this area, Philips has developed continuing education courses focused exclusively on your specialty.

Our cardiac courses include a wide range of topics from basic anatomy and physiology to advanced cardiac procedures.

  • Cardiac Structure and Function
  • Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease and Cath Lab Interventions
  • Introduction to Basic Dysrhythmias (ECG)
  • Women and Heart Disease

Some areas of focus for the Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist (EP Technologist) include:

  • The Diagnostic EP Study: a two-part series
  • Introduction to AV Node Ablation
  • Atrial Flutter
  • The Basic EP Study Uncovering Tachycardias

Our vascular courses for the Vascular Technologist include titles such as:

  • Digital Subtraction Angiography
  • Procedures in Vascular Angiography
  • Basic Hematology for Vascular Fundamentals

Uncover more of our Online Radiology CME and CE courses for other RT specialties by visiting our Education for Radiologic Technologists page. And if you're looking for Cardiovascular continuing education for yourself or your facility at reduced prices, you can buy an Online Education Account in order to benefit from large quantities of CEUs at significant discounts.

The Philips Learning Center assists the healthcare professional by delivering quality continuing medical education that's relevant and timely. Our cardiovascular CE programs are an example of our commitment to excellence in education.

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New Courses for Cardiovascular and Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologists

TitleCreditsMore Info
3D Imaging Techniques for CT 0.50
Abdominal Vascular Imaging 1.00
Basic Early Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasound 1.00
CT Registry Review - Section I: Patient Care Review 1.00
CT Registry Review - Section II: Physics and Instrumentation Part 1 1.50
CT Registry Review - Section III: Physics & Instrumentation Review Part II 1.50
CT Registry Review - Section IV: Imaging Procedures 2.00
CT Registry Review - Section V: Pathology and Anatomy 1.50
Domestic Violence 2.00
Echocardiography: Measuring up to Standards, Chamber Quantification 2.00
Fetal Abdominal Abnormalities 0.50
Healthcare Data, Big and Little - Plain and Simple 1.00
HIV/AIDS: Clinical Management and Treatment Protocols 1.50
HIV/AIDS: Co-Infections and Opportunistic Infections 1.50
HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Transmission, and Exposure Support 1.00
Imaging Techniques: PET/CT 1.00
Improving Patient Satisfaction Through Effective Patient Communication 0.50
Myocardial Perfusion Imaging 1.00
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 1: Fundamentals 1.00
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 10: Equitable Patient Care 1.00
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 2: Elderly Patients 1.50
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 3: Pediatric Patients 1.50
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 4: Patients with Physical Disabilities 1.50
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 5: Patients with Intellectual Disabilities 1.00
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 6: Cultural Competence 1.50
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 7: Health Literacy 1.00
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 8: Diverse Body Habitus 1.00
Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations | Module 9: Chronically Ill Patients 1.00
Performing a Small Parts Ultrasound Exam 0.50
Performing an Abdomen and or Retroperitoneum Ultrasound Exam 1.00
Performing an Obstetrical Ultrasound 1.50
Radiation Safety for PET/CT 1.00

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Image Interpretation Series on Plain X-rays in the Adult/Pediatric
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CT Registry Review Series
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CT Registry Review Series