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Course: Philips Hospital Respiratory Care

Module: A Guide to Noninvasive Ventilation

Module Description: Earn continuing education credit with the application, Dedicated to successful NIV. Access the full application on iOS or Android app stores. You can earn your continuing education credit by first reviewing the complete application and then proceed to complete to this assessment.

This downloadable application will provide a guide to bedside clinicians for successful noninvasive ventilation. The clinician will be able to review the content and identify the appropriate candidate with access to current recommended guidelines throughout this application. Once a patient is identified and the review of inclusion as well as exclusive criteria referenced, the learner will be guided through titration, assessment and optimization of treatments for their patients. Finally, the learner will be asked for a decision: has this patient improved, is there ongoing need to continue NIV, is the patient ready to wean from NIV or if no improvement is seen, consider alternative therapy.

1. Identify inclusion and exclusion criteria for noninvasive ventilation. Describe the selection criteria based on current consensuses and identified patient conditions for successful NIV.
2. Identify evidence based practice for minimizing patient's work of breathing to improve hypercarbia.
3. Describe how NIV targets hypoxemic respiratory failure for CHF patients with mild ARDS.
4. Identify how to target NIV for mixed hypercarbic and hypoxemic COPD patients with CHF.
5. Describe signs of improvement for NIV. Identify indicators associated with patient comfort during NIV. Identify the risks of potential skin injuries during NIV.
6. Describe the NIV predictors of failure. 5. Identify key remedies to NIV complications.
7. Identify when to determine next steps; wean from NIV, continue NIV, or consider intubation.

Time - 2.2 hours to complete the review and understanding of the application

Author: Elizabeth Hurley is the lead author to this application. Ms. Hurley offers her years of expertise as a clinician, department manager and most currently the roll of global product management for the Philips NIV offerings, specifically the V60. This combination of both clinical years of knowledge and product development lends to this content creation and review of this application.
Elizabeth Hurley
Senior Product Manager
Philips Healthcare
Hospital Respiratory Care

About the author: Edwina is the Sr. Clinical Education Manager at Philips Healthcare, where she provides clinical expertise in the development of educational programs for the Hospital Respiratory Care. Previously held positions supporting marketing programs and sales support in the Mother & Child Care business driving educational programs for the neonatal care environment in respiratory and developmental care. Before joining Philips, Edwina held a clinical role as a Respiratory Care Practitioner, where she practiced in both hospital and homecare settings, caring for all patient populations. Over the years, Edwina has been a primary clinical instructor, Co-Chair for various educational conference committees, as well as awarded many sales accolades for top performance.

Sponsor and/or Accreditation: American Association for Respiratory Care
Credits: 2.20
Price: $0.00

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