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Education for the CT Technologist

Continuing education for ct technologists online  

Computed Tomography (CT) Continuing Education Courses

The Philips Learning Center offers continuing education that sets the standard for today's CT technologist.

Satisfy your continuing education requirements or expand your career in Computed Tomography with these basic to advanced online continuing education courses.

Study at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or office. Our continuing education for the CT technologist provides a compelling opportunity for self improvement and career advancement.

You'll find registry review bundles to help prepare you for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists' (ASRT) computed tomography exam and dozens of CT courses, ranging from computed tomography basics to specialty applications like CT Angiography and Cardiac CT. All courses are available to help keep you abreast of the latest trends and clinical applications in this fast paced diagnostic imaging modality.

Take these Computed Tomography essential courses today!

  • CT Basics – A 12 module, interactive series
  • CT Registry - A 12-part series by Philips Clinical Education and Bill Faulkner
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Review using CT: A 2-part series
  • CT Applications, Instrumentation and Workflow

And be sure not to miss these CT courses:

  • CT Angiography
  • Cardiac CT
  • 3D Techniques for CT
  • CT Colonography

For more information on acquiring Online Radiology CME and CE courses for other RT specialties, visit our Education for Radiologic Technologists page. 

The Philips Learning Center assists the healthcare professional by delivering quality continuing medical education that's relevant and timely. Our Computed Tomography CE programs are an example of our commitment to excellence in education.

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New Courses for the CT Technologist

TitleCreditsMore Info
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 1: Fundamentals of Breast Imaging 1.50
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 10: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis 1.25
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 2: Digital Equipment and Image Production 1.50
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 3: Digital Image Evaluation 1.25
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 4: Breast Anatomy 0.75
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 6: Digital Quality Control and Regulations 2.00
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 7: Patient Care 1.75
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 8: Digital Procedures and Techniques 2.25
Breast Imaging Essentials | Module 9: Breast Ultrasound 2.00
Introduction to Philips Achieva, Release 5.3 (USA) 1.00
Introduction to Philips Ingenia and Ingenia S, Release 5.3 (USA) 1.75
Introduction to Philips Ingenia CX and Achieva dStream, Release 5.3 (USA) 1.75
Philips MRI What's New in Release 5.3? (U.S.A.) 1.00
Role of Protocols and Standardization in Obstetric Ultrasound 1.00

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